Shooting Victim Is Suspect In Domestic Violence Incident In Thousand Oaks

Saturday September 29, 2018

     Deputies in Thousand Oaks say the man who was shot early Saturday morning is an ex-con with an extensive criminal history who caused the domestic violence that led to his shooting.

   They say that 25-year-old Raphael Bhatti of Thousand Oaks was found covered in blood in his vehicle that was parked on Moorpark Road south of the 101 Freeway around 12:25 AM.

   Deputies say he told them his girlfriend shot him at a nearby residence in the 300 block of Rolling Oaks Drive.

   While Bhatti was taken to Los Robles Medical Center to be treated for what deputies say was non-life threatening gunshot wounds, detectives went to the residence and talked with the girlfriend.

   They learned that Bhatti had allegedly held the girlfriend against her will and at gunpoint, threatening to kill her and sexually battering her.

    Detectives say they also discovered Bhatti is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history in Virginia and Maryland.

    He is still in the hospital and has not been arrested yet but deputies say he is facing a number of criminal charges once he recovers, including several charges in connection with the domestic violence incident and being a convicted felon in possession of two firearms with one of them reported stolen from Virginia.

   Meanwhile, deputies say Bhatti's girlfriend is in the hospital being treated for a number of injuries sustained in what deputies say was a violent assault.