Suicidal Oxnard Man Shuts Down 101 In Goleta

Sunday September 23, 2018

(Photo courtesy Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

     A suicidal Oxnard man shut down the southbound 101 in Goleta Sunday afternoon when he threatened to hang himself from a freeway overpass.

   At 3:45 PM, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies responded to the Turnpike Road overpass and found a 48-year-old Oxnard man threatening to jump.

   Deputies say the man had climbed the west side security fence and was on the middle of the overpass that overlooks the southbound 101 lanes.

   He was sitting on the ledge of the of the sign support with one end of a piece of clothing tied to the support and the other around his neck.

   The southbound 101 at Patterson was shut down while deputies tried to talk with the man.

   They say he did not respond but deputies kept talking to the man and about 20 minutes later the man untied the clothing from his neck and sat back from the edge of the sign support.

   Deputies continued to talk with him as Santa Barbara County firefighters brought in a ladder truck and ultimately brought the man down to safety.

   He was taken to mental health to be evaluated.