Simi Valley Dealing With Opioid Overdose Incidents

Monday March 23, 2020

     Simi Valley police say that they are investigating three recent incidents involving opioid overdoses that might be caused by black market oxycodone pills from an illegal source that likely were laced with Fentanyl which is a highly potent opioid that can kill in extremely small doses.

     Those three people had to be hospitalized.

     These black market illegally manufactured pills look like the real legitimate oxycodone pills but police say they are extemely dangerous and are appearing more and more around Ventura County.

     Simi Valley Police would like to remind our residents that pain medications need to be prescribed by a licensed Physician and dispensed by a legitimate pharmacy. Our Department continues to support prevention and intervention strategies to decrease the misuse of opioid based drugs. For more information and resources on the prevention and misuse o f opioids, visit: We would like to remind the community to immediately call 9-1-1 at the first signs someone may overdosing or having a medical emergency.