Simi Officer Convicted Of Grand Theft

Tuesday July 10, 2018

     A former Simi Valley police officer has been convicted on grand theft charges.

   45-year-old Robert Longdon Tuesday entered no contest pleas to five counts of grand theft.

   The judge then found Longdon guilty and set sentencing for September 11th.

   Prosecutors say Longdon stole more than $100,000 in taxpayer money by committing time card fraud by claiming he worked shifts he did not work and by padding his reported hours for days he did work.

   The DA's office says Longdon falsely claimed 61 ten-hour shifts.

   They say it happened from March 2014 through September 2017 when he was arrested.

   Longdon had been an officer with Simi Valley PD since 2009.

   He resigned from the department the day he was arrested.

   Longdon remains free on bail pending his sentencing.

   The maximum possible sentence is five years, four months in the county jail but it's likely he'll receive one year in jail and probation.