Prison For Santa Barbara Man Who Admitted Stealing More Than $1 Million From Ventura County Women

Monday October 29, 2018

     A judge Monday sentenced a Santa Barbara man to more than eight years in prison and ordered him to pay restitution in connection with an investment scam that bilked two Ventura County women out of more than $1 million.

   66-year-old Stephen Tudor Crozier had earlier pleaded guilty to several felony charges and special allegations against him.

   Ventura County prosecutors say Crozier convinced the two victims to invest in various companies but instead used their money to primarily pay for his own living expenses or to pay off other investors.

   The guilty pleas to some of the charges him also included dismissal of others.

   Prosecutors said that if Crozier had been convicted on all the charges against him, he would have faced 23 years in state prison.

   After his sentencing Monday, Crozier was immediately taken into custody.

   He is due back in court in December for hearing about paying restitution to his victims.