Port Hueneme Police Officer Pinned Under Vehicle

Sunday February 10, 2019


     A Port Hueneme police officer is reported in good and stable condition after she was pinned under a vehicle while at the scene of a traffic collision.

   Police say that Officer Gladys Rosete was on uniformed patrol and working a traffic collision in the 500 block of North Ventura Road shortly after 7 PM Sunday.

   She requested a tow truck to remove one of the vehicles that were blocking the roadway and Airport Chevron dispatched a flatbed tow truck to the scene.

   Police say that as the vehicle was being loaded onto the flatbed tow truck it suddenly and unexpectedly rolled off and Officer Rosete was pinned under the vehicle.

   The Ventura County Fire Department responded and using the "Jaws of Life" firefighters were able to lift the vehicle high enough to slide Officer Rosete out from underneath.

   She was taken to Saint John's Medical Center where police say the 28-year-old officer is in good and stable condition.

   The incident is being investigated as an industrial accident by the Port Hueneme Police Department.