Parolee Accused Of Attacking Two Seniors In Oxnard

Saturday April 13, 2019

     Oxnard police say a parolee with an extensive history of violence, disorderly conduct, and robbery was arrested after he beat up a 71-year-old woman and an 80-year-old man he did not know.

   They say the separate attacks happened late Saturday morning.

   The first was around 11:45 AM as the 71-year-old woman was trying to get into her vehicle at Sixth and B streets.

   Police allege that 56-year-old Adam Barcenas walked up to the woman, punched her in the head, pushed her to the ground, and then kicked the victim several times in the back.

   They say a short time later, Barcenas walked up to the man who was walking with his wife near the intersection of Sixth and A streets.

   Police allege that Barcenas punched the man in the face and walked away but returned to punch the man a second time.

   An off duty private security guard intervened using pepper spray on Barcenas and detaining him until officers arrived.

   Both victims were treated at the scene for what were described as minor injuries and refused to be taken to the hospital.

   Barcenas was arrested on two counts of felony elder abuse and battery.