Oxnard Man Sentenced For Transgender Hate Crime

Monday March 11, 2019

     A judge has sentenced an Oxnard man in connection with a 2015 attack on a transgender person.

   A jury had earlier found 28-year-old Juan Navarro guilty of making criminal threats, possession of a concealed dagger, and battery against a person because of gender and sexual orientation.

   Prosecutors say the incident happened when Navarro made unwanted sexual advances towards the victim who identifies as a female but who is biologically male.

   They say when Navarro realized that he became angry and dragged the victim into an alley where he threatened the victim with a large knife and made derogatory remarks about the victim.

   Prosecutors say Navarro punched and kicked the victim as the victim tried to escape the attack.

   The judge sentenced Navarro to more than eight years in state prison.