New Details In Simi Teen Barricade Incident

Saturday September 29, 2018

     Simi Valley police have released more details about an incident late Friday afternoon involving a teenager armed with a rifle who barricaded himself in the family home.

   Police say that 5:10 PM, officers responded to a family dispute in progress at a house in the 2200 block of Sycamore Drive.

   When they arrived the reporting party told them her 13-year-old son was having a mental health episode and had armed himself with a butcher knife and chased her out of the residence.

   Officers saw the teenager walking back and forth in the residence and then they saw the barrel of a rifle pointed in their general direction through a window and then the sound of a gunshot coming from within the home.

   They say the juvenile continued to walk around the inside of the home, at one point tossing a burning beverage can out the front door and setting a bush on fire near a side door.

   Police shut down streets, evacuated nearby residences, and brought in the armored vehicle and SWAT team and they continued to talk with the teen in an effort to get him to surrender peacefully.

   Finally, after about 90 minutes, the boy came out and was taken into custody and taken to mental health to be evaluated.

   No one was injured.

   Police then determined that the boy's 50-year-old stepfather had not properly stored firearms in the house in a safe manner and he was arrested for firearms violations and officers seized 18 firearms from within the house.