Man Arrested For Using Ax To Smash Vehicle Windows Near The Pacific View Mall In Ventura

Tuesday September 10, 2019

     Ventura police say they arrested a man after he allegedly armed himself with an ax and started smashing vehicle windows in the Lowe's parking lot near the Pacific View Mall.

    It was actually the final act in a series of incidents that started shortly before 9:30 AM Tuesday in the area of Porter Lane and Empire Avenue.

    Police say that a vagrant, 27-year-old Andrew Taylor Martinez, got involved in an altercation when he was confronted by some individuals who accused him of stealing their property.

   Martinez allegedly threw rocks at his accusers and brandished a knife and then ran towards the Pacific View Mall with one of the alleged theft victims calling 911 and chasing him on a skateboard while keeping police updated on his location.

   Martinez ended up in the Lowe's parking lot where police say he stole an ax from another person and then started smashing windows on vehicles.

   Officers arrived and took him into custody.

   Martinez was booked into the Ventura County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing, possession of a dangerous weapon, vandalism, possession of a controled substance and drug paraphernalia.

   No injuries were reported.

   Police say Martinez has several prior convictions for brandishing, trespassing and possession of burglary tools.

   They say if your vehicle was one of those vandalized by Martinez call 1-805-339-4416.