Lake Piru Has Risen 65 Feet Since October

Tuesday March 12, 2019

(Photo of Lake Piru courtesy of the United Water Conservation District)

     Lake Piru has risen 65 feet since last October and is now 73 percent full.

   The United Water Conservations District credits the significant amount of rain this Winter that has not only replenished the lake directly but also allowed the district to purchase 15,000-acre-feet of water from the State Water project through releases from Pyramid Lake.

   That means that they've been able to harvest 62,700-acre-feet which is enough to serve more than half of the county's residents for a year.

   But officials caution it would still take another 117,000-acre-feet more to be completely out of the drought.

   And they say if we do not have this kind of winter next year and the year after, concern about water supplies would return.

   United Water uses Lake Piru water to replenish groundwater aquifers in the Santa Clara River Valley and under the Oxnard Plain for use by both agriculture and some local cities.

   Meanwhile, at Lake Casitas, this Winter has seen the lake rise from about 30 percent of capacity to more than 42 percent capacity.

   That's an increase from more than 72,000-acre-feet to more almost 102,000.

   But Casitas is not able to tape into the state water system.