Hunt Continues For Suspect In Attempted Kidnap Of Nine-Year-Old Newbury Park Girl

Saturday September 22, 2018

     A massive effort resumes today in the search for a suspect in the attempted kidnapping of a little girl in Newbury Park.

     Officials at Walnut Elementary School reported it Friday morning.

     A 9-year-old girl said she was riding her bicycle to school around 8:15 AM in the area of Spanish Gate and Lesser drives when a man in a van came up and tried to coax her to get in.

     The girl said the man then grabbed her leg and tried to force her in, but she broke free and made it to school where she reported what happened.

     She described the man as either white or Hispanic, in his 30’s, with brown hair and a mask hiding the lower half of his face.

     He was wearing aviator sunglasses and all black clothing including black Nike shoes and his pants were stained with paint.

     The van was white, square-shaped like a Chevy Astro Van, with no side windows and tinted front and back windows.