Graffiti Vandals Hit Veterans Memorial In Ventura

Wednesday July 11, 2018


(Photos by Alex Wilson, KVTA News)

     The Veterans Memorial that's been a part of the County Government Center complex in Ventura for several decades was defaced by graffiti vandals sometime Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

     The spray-painted graffiti was described as gang-related and not political in nature and involved the "monikers" of some gang members.

     The authorities believe the vandals did not know the significance of the location.

     By afternoon, it appeared that the graffiti had been removed as the Sheriff's Department conducted an investigation to determine who was responsible for the vandalism.

     The memorial, which honors all branches of the service and U-S veterans from all eras, is located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Telephone Road.

      It was built by volunteers and donations of time and materials.