Female Juvenile Crashes Stolen SUV In Oxnard

Saturday October 27, 2018

     Oxnard police say they arrested a female juvenile after she crashed a stolen SUV Friday night.

    At 9:23 PM, officers responded to Yucca and "C" streets to a report of a traffic collision.

    One of the vehicles involved, a 2008 silver Ford Escape, was reported stolen Thursday.

    The driver of the stolen vehicle, a female juvenile from Oxnard, was arrested for felony vehicle theft and additional charges.

    She and the two people in the other vehicle reported a complaint of pain but no serious injuries.

    Oxnard police say the city has been experiencing an epidemic of vehicle thefts, many of them preventable if people would just take a few simple steps.

    First, never, under any circumstances, leave your vehicle unlocked.

    Second, never leave your keys in the vehicle or think you're smart enough to find a hiding place where no one will find them.

    Third, never leave your vehicle with the engine running, it's illegal and you're practically saying to a car thief, "please take my vehicle, it's yours".

    Finally, in addition to an alarm system, consider using a wheel lock, brake pedal lock or steering wheel lock.

    While none of this is an absolute guarantee your vehicle won't be stolen, thieves will usually take the path of least resistance when stealing a vehicle, so make it as difficult as possible for them.