Truck Driver Killed In Ventura County Crash Identified

Wednesday May 15, 2019

(Photo courtesy of the Ventura County Fire Department)

   Updated--The driver of a privately owned tanker truck loaded with 20,000 gallons of water who was killed Wednesday morning after he pulled over to the shoulder of a mountain road in Ventura County so vehicles behind him could pass has been identified.

    The CHP says the truck was traveling northbound on Deer Creek Road north of PCH along the south coast of Ventura County around 9 AM.

    According to witnesses, the driver, a 68-year-old David Wilson of Twin Peaks, was going slowly up a steep stretch of the road when he pulled over to the right shoulder and stopped to let the vehicles behind him pass.

    The CHP says for some unknown reason, the Wilson then lost control of the truck and it started to roll backwards across the road and plunged 2,000 feet over the side into a ravine.

    When firefighters arrived they went down to the truck and found it on its side with the driver inside, dead.

     No one else was involved or injured.