Conception Search And Recovery Efforts Resume As The Names Of More Victims Are Released

Tuesday September 10, 2019

     The effort to find the 34th victim of the fire on board the dive boat Conception resumed Tuesday after being delayed for several days because of wind and wave conditions off Santa Cruz Island.

     And the effort to finally raise what's left of the 75-foot boat is expected to resume Wednesday.

     The boat was up-righted last week but left underwater until conditions improved.

     Once it is brought up, it will be escorted by law enforcement to a secure location as the key piece of evidence in what is now a federal criminal case into the Labor Day morning tragedy.

     Meanwhile, five more of the 33 victims who have been recovered have been identified and their names released.

     Here is a list of the now 27 victims who have been identified starting with the latest five...

Adrian Dahood-Fritz              40        F          Sacramento, CA

Lisa Fiedler                             52        F          Mill Valley, CA

Kristina “Kristy” Finstad       41        F          Tamrick Pines, CA

Fernisa Sison                           57        F          Stockton, CA

Kristian Takvam                     34        M        San Francisco, CA


Raymond "Scott" Chan        59        M         Los Altos, CA

Justin Carroll Dignam                     58        M         Anaheim, CA

Daniel Garcia                                   46        M         Berkeley, CA

Marybeth Guiney                 51        F          Santa Monica, CA

Yulia Krashennaya              40        F          Berkeley, CA

Alexandra Kurtz                    26        F          Santa Barbara, CA

Caroline McLaughlin                       35        F          Oakland, CA

Ted Strom                              62        M         Germantown, TN

Wei Tan                                 26        F          Goleta, CA     

Kendra Chan                         26        F          Oxnard, CA

Angela Rose Quitasol                     28        F          Stockton, CA

Evan Michel Quitasol                      37        F          Stockton, CA

Nicole Storm Quitasol                    31        F          Imperial Beach, CA

Michael Quitasol                 62        M         Stockton, CA

Carol Diana Adamic                        60        F          Santa Cruz, CA

Andrew Fritz                          40        M         Sacramento, CA

Charles McIlvain                  44        M         Santa Monica, CA

Steven Salika                                    55        M         Santa Cruz, CA

Tia Salika-Adamic               17        F          Santa Cruz, CA

Neal Gustav Baltz                42        M         Pheonix, AZ

Patricia Ann Beitzinger       48        F          Chandler, AZ

Vaidehi Campbell               41        F          Felton, CA