CHP Motorcycle Officer Shoots At Suspect In Incident In West Ventura

Monday August 12, 2019

     Ventura police say a CHP motorcycle officer shot at a suspect who tried to run him down with a car in West Ventura Monday.

   The incident began shortly before 11:30 AM after the CHP officer had attempted to make a traffic stop on the 101 Freeway and the suspect vehicle kept going onto city streets in West Ventura.

   Police say the suspect drove down the 200 block of Comstock Drive, but hit a dead end.

   That's when they say the suspect made a U-turn and drove directly at the motorcycle officer at a high rate of speed.

   Police say that prompted the CHP officer to shoot at the suspect but the suspect got away.

   Both the CHP and Ventura police searched the area and a couple of hours later they found the suspect's vehicle abandoned in the 2200 block of Katari Avenue near the east end of Seneca about two miles from the initial officer involved shooting incident.

   The CHP officer was not hurt, it's unknown if the suspect was but the suspect remains at large.

   Anyone with information should call (805) 339-4389.