Arrests In Thousand Oaks Retail Thefts

Monday July 9, 2018


     Deputies in Thousand Oaks say they've arrested four South Americans in connection with an organized retail theft ring that struck in Ventura County earlier this month.

   On July 5th, the authorities say that two couples working in concert were involved in the theft of $3,150 in merchandise from Victoria's Secret in the Oaks Mall.

   Detectives say the two male/female couples entered the store with one couple distracting the sales staff while the other concealed merchandise in a shopping bags lined with aluminum foil and then exited the store.

   By the next afternoon, detectives had tracked the four suspects to two rooms at a motel in the Mission Hills section of the San Fernando Valley.

   They served a search warrant and arrested four Chilean nationals, 32-year-old Rodrigo Gajardo, 24-year-old Felipe Viveros, 29-year-old Ursula Guerut, and, 26-year-old Anastassia Saavedra.

   Detectives say they also found a number of articles of stolen clothing, hundreds of removed security sensors, and shopping bags that were lined with aluminum foil.

   The four suspects were booked into the Ventura County Jail for burglary and criminal conspiracy and are due in court Tuesday to be arraigned.